We Shit You Not: ‘Bachie’ Bloke Apollo Is The Hulk’s Body Double In ‘Thor’

Last night, we brought you the news that Australia has, more-or-less, directed the entirety of its thirst towards The Bachelorette hopeful Apollo Jackson. His attempts to win Sophie Monks affections have revealed him to be a nice enough bloke, but the 24-year-old magician has definitely has a couple of tricks up his sleeve.

By tricks, we mean biceps, triceps, and shoulders. Good lord.

And it’s now been revealed that the fella’s infuriatingly well-sculpted rig – and on-screen talent – earned him a role opposite Chris Hemsworth in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok, as a stand-in for The Hulk himself.

Speaking to the Gold Coast Bulletin, the Queensland local said he was invited to act as the human model for the CGI Hulk after showing his face in a couple of student and independent productions.

He also got to work as a gladiator extra in another scene, and we’ve never been more interested in looking at the part of the screen not occupied by one of the Hemsworth brothers. Also, he’s obviously pretty comfortable playing warriors from antiquity, hey?

Describing himself as “a massive nerd” who was “super excited and so stoked to do a Marvel movie”, Jackson recalled how bloody grouse it was to work with the similarly-staunch Hemsworth.

“He was just a fun, down-to-earth guy, who is so normal and humble,” Jackson said, adding that the fella is a role-model for his own work in the industry.

So, in addition to appearing on the red carpet at tonight’s Thor premiere, he’s also doing pretty well for himself on The Bachelorette. Good on him. It’s fine. We’re fine. Really.