The Bachelorette finale is tonight but tbh if we coulda picked the final two for ourselves, it would not have contained Jarrod Woodgate or Stu Laundy.

No offence or anything, but they’re fives and Sophie Monk already booted the two tens: James Trethewie and Apollo Jackson.

Well, if you’re mourning their loss as much as we are, you’ll be pleased to know they have reunited in Sydney. To do what? Watch The Bachelorette, of course.

Old mate Jimmy took to the ‘gram to let us all know that the two most superior contestants are hangin’ in Manly.

Pretty sure Apollo is so manly he should just move there permanently.

The bois caught up over breadsticks and no doubt had a good goss about how they’re so much better than Jarrod and Stu.

Oh wait, we forget they’re too pure for this earth. They’re probably sitting there crying with joy that Sophie’s found love.

Hey Bachelor producers – sign one or both of these two up for the next season, stat.

Image: Instagram / @jimmys.paradise