Calm your titties, folks. The Bachelorette lovers Angie Kent and Carlin Sterritt are still going strong, despite all the breakup rumours.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Kent shut down the rumours, insisting they are “not true.”

“We definitely haven’t split,” she told the publication.

“There’s been a lot of rumours that we’ve split or that I’ve been with someone else or he’s back with his ex-wife – it’s not true!”

Angie Kent Shuts Down Breakup Rumours After Suss Instagram Post Sent Fans Into A Tizzy

Credit: Channel Ten

After sharing a bunch of holiday snaps on Instagram and captioning it with: “Ahhhh. All good things must come to an end”, fans left panicky comments on the post.

Angie responded with the following statement:

“I’m talking about the holiday before any of y’all decide to jump on that wild ass rumour mill… we just gettin’ started @carlinsterritt.”

“You even scared me for a sec…” Carlin wrote below the post.

After the final ep of this year’s Bachelorette aired, I spoke to Angie and Carlin about the criticisms from online punters.

“From the very beginning, hearing all the criticism about my past marriage and stuff like that was hard,” he told me.

“I was probably a bit naive going into the experience because I’ve never experienced anything like it before.”

The good news is that dealing with the haters has taught him to grow a thick skin which is bloody great to hear.

“But ya know what, I’ve become really resilient during the show and it’s all become white noise to me. I know people are going to be biased about who they like and will have nasty things to say but at the end of the day, it doesn’t affect me and my life with Angie whatsover.”