Andy Lee Is Now Engaged(!!!) And Shared The Romcom Story Of How He Proposed To Bec Harding

andy lee bec harding engagement

Comedian Andy Lee of Hamish & Andy fame has made our week with some absolutely joyous news: he and partner of ten years Bec Harding are officially engaged!

The news was announced on Episode 250 of the Hamish & Andy podcast (aptly titled ‘Huge Andy News’).

“I asked Bec to marry me on Sunday,” said Andy. Straight to the point, no messing around, just hitting us right in the feels from the jump.

“Is it a bit quick? Is it a bit sudden?” joked co-host Hamish Blake, poking fun at the fact Andy and Bec have faced engagement questions and rumours for quite some time now.

  • Andy Lee Bec Harding Engagement
  • Andy Lee Bec Harding Engagement

In fact, only two years ago everyone was convinced Andy secretly got hitched to Bec in Paris under a sumptuous sunset by the Seine after they shared a suspiciously gorgeous set of Insta pics.

As you can see, Aussies have been desperate for this moment.

On the pod, Hamish declared that he and wife Zoë Foster Blake have been “crying” from joy since they found out the news.

But it doesn’t end there. Andy also shared the way in which he proposed to Bec and it’s making me and MY wife cry from joy. And I’m not even straight. Or married. that’s just how powerfully joyous this news is.

Andy told the pod that he gave Bec a napkin with the classic “will you marry me?” message written on it, while the pair were in front of their fireplace in their $8.5 million riverfront house in Melbourne’s Hawthorn. It’s no river Seine but it’s the next best thing to be honest.

“When I was down there, I stayed on one knee and I gave her another napkin,” he said.

“Because when I first met her at the café, I wrote on a napkin my details.”

Yes folks, in case you didn’t know, the pair got together because ten years ago Andy had the courage to give Bec his deets via a napkin. It’s love stories like this that made me get unnecessarily put together for my 6am start café job. I was just looking for love!

“We met in a Richmond café,” Andy told the Sydney Morning Herald in 2022.

“I was there writing stuff for the Logies, she was the waitress. She was attractive – but it was more her bubbly personality and how she wasn’t good at her job.

“She’d leave a table knowing about the person’s grandchildren or dog, but forget their order. I ordered cups of tea I never drank and eventually left a note on a napkin.”

According to Andy, the details on the napkin didn’t include his phone number, but his personal email address. I guess things were different back in 2014.

Regardless, it’s a beautiful throwback to the moment they met. And now we can all stop theorising if the pair are secretly engaged or not and celebrate how joyous this news is! Congrats to the happy couple!