Zoë Foster Blake Has Shared A Beautiful & Heartbreaking Tribute To Her Gorgeous Cat Meowbert

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Losing a beloved pet SUCKS. There’s absolutely no other way I can describe it. It SUCKS, all capitals.

I lost my childhood dog earlier this year, and it was utterly heartbreaking. I still remember the feeling of his fluffy little head, his blissful snores as he slept the day away and his deep, and slightly bewildering, love of balloons.

Sadly, Zoë Foster Blake has also suffered a pet loss. Today she shared that her gorgeous ginger cat Meowbert passed away, writing a beautiful and moving tribute to him on Instagram.

“Our Berty boy has died. In his sleep, on his favourite chair. How fortunate we were to share his life, to have his company, his affection, his energy and presence with us every day,” she wrote.

“Sixteen years of exquisite companionship, affection, sweet little paw pads and the specific and lovely knowledge that the smallest heartbeat in our family was always nearby.”

I don’t know how Zoë does it, but somehow she can always express the inexpressible in her writing. Losing a pet is so specifically painful. Losing that small but vital presence in your life, the little animal that showers you with love and affection with no condition or trade-off, is just… awful.

I know anyone who has lost a pet before will relate to Zoë’s tribute to Meowbert.

As a fan of Hamish Blake and Andy Lee, I have a few fond memories of Meowbert making guest appearances on the boys’ radio show and podcast over the years. I remember when Hamish gave poor sweet Meowbert a “lion cut” to keep him cool for summer, with… interesting results.

Vale Meowbert. You were very, very loved.