Ya Girl Zoë Foster Blake Suffered A Nasty Injury While On Vacay & The Insta Stories Are Brutal

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Zoë Foster Blake has taken to Instagram to share an injury she incurred while on a fam vacay and fkn OUCH.

The skincare queen sprained her ankle during her visit to Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula last week along with her handsome hubby Hamish Blake and their kiddies.

The makeup mogul shared gruesome pics to her Instagram Story showcasing her excruciatingly swollen foot, which was being tended to by her radio personality husband.

“And did this bullshit while mucking about on a tennis court,” she captioned a pic of her swollen foot.

In a follow-up IG Story featuring Hamish tending to her foot, she wrote: “My nurse was fantastic albeit a little distracted,’ she wrote alongside a photo of Hamish treating the swollen ankle.”

From then on, she was forced to wear a leg brace as she continued to enjoy her holiday.

“But we got on with shit!” she captioned a follow-up pic where she appeared to be standing in a vineyard, moon boot attached.

“Like this insanely tasty pile of yes from Rare Hare, stracciatella (QUEEN OF CHEESE) roast stone fruit, sugared pecans, glaze and raddichio,” she captioned a piccy of her food.

The best cure for a nasty sprain, right?

Before long she had fully embraced and become one with the moon boot.

“And the best bit about these boots I’m learning is that you barely notice them!!” she wrote (albeit sarcastically).

Way to make the best out of a bad sitch!