Hamish Blake & Zoë Foster Blake Threw A Las Vegas Party And The Footage Is Wild

Over the weekend Hamish Blake and Zoë Foster Blake chucked a ‘yuge Las Vegas-themed rager and it truly reminded me of how broke I am.

One of the best things about social media is that folks can get a quick glimpse into the lives of those who have fuck off money. In this case, we’re taking a geeze into the fully sick hectic party of Aussie comedian Hamish and author and skincare mogul, Zoë.

Last weekend, most Aussies were looking for a way to escape the scorching weather. Some were at a cheeky rave (me), others were watching Foo Fighters or 50 Cent. Some folks were at the beach and others stayed home to keep cool.

This dynamic power duo threw a massive gatho based on the glitz and glamour of Sin City.

In social media posts from the couple, Hamish was dressed as iconic Las Vegas magician Siegfried (or Roy, can’t tell TBH) and Zoë was dressed as the one and only Cher.

Alongside his costume as the infamous magician, Hamish also paired his outrageous look with Seigfried and Roy’s signature acts, the white lions and tigers. In this case, Tomy Ivey and Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli were the majestical creatures.

As footage began to surface of the lavish soirée, fans flocked to the comments to gas up the comedian’s new hair-do. Some folks even described him as a long-lost Hemsworth.

“That wig suits you way too much,” one person wrote.

“Hamish you look like a Hemsworth with that hair,” a second added.

“Hamish is giving long lost Hemsworth cousin vibes in that wig,” another wrote under Zoe’s IG dump.

Unfortunately for Jack Post, he’s been absolutely clowned for his costume after it exposed a lot of the crotch area and I think he’s aware of the cheeky wardrobe moment as he posted this on his IG Story.

(Image source: Instagram / @jackpost)

Other than that, the party looked wild.

It makes me wonder how much the pair had spent on throwing this rager. The party details were so good, the decorations were perfect and everyone’s costume was so Las Vegas.

Here are some other pieces of footage for the wild Las Vegas soirée.

As much as we love to say “eat the rich”, I can’t lie. This party looks bloody mint.

I will now leave you with a shirtless photo of Hamish with the aftermath of the Las Vegas shindig.

JUMPSCARE (Image source: Instagram / @hamishblakeshotz)