And Just Like That, There’s A Surprise Nod To Succession In The Latest Ep Of The SATC Revival

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Fans have spotted a cheeky Easter egg (or shall we say Easter Gregg) to HBO’s Succession season three in the latest episode of And Just Like That. You know what they say, you can’t have a Tomlette without cracking a few Greggs.

In season three of Succession, Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) uses his ex-wife Rava’s (Natalie Gold) apartment as his home of operations as he prepares an attack campaign on his father Logan (Brian Cox). When his siblings come over to talk, they first do it in the lounge room.

It’s a location with a pretty iconic set-piece: a black spiral staircase in front of some couches. A similar set-piece found in Lisa Todd Wexley’s (Nicole Ari Parker) apartment in episode four of the Sex and the City revival.

Shoutout to prime shitposter and Vogue UK editor Raven Smith who first alerted me to this little connection when they shared a pic of the two locations on Instagram.

Source: @raven__smith on Instagram.
Source: @raven__smith on Instagram.

Over on Twitter, some fans have spotted the similarities, too.

Now look, in hindsight, it’s probably not an actually intentional Easter egg but it’s still a cheeky little crossover between the two that I didn’t expect to see. It’s also funny to see these two shows compared with another since they both follow a group of dysfunctional not-so-great people from New York’s 0.0001%.

Fun fact: the real-life location is also apparently for sale. According to Town and Country, the apartment is on top of the famous Woolworth Building in New York and currently selling for $23 million. Damn, and I thought the Sydney housing market was rough.

It’s a five-bedroom pad with six skylights, four full bathrooms and two extra toilets, and apparently “no shortage of natural light” in its over 623 square-metre space. You can pretend you’re part of the Roy family or a new member of the cast of And Just Like That and take a look at it here.

In other related And Just Like That news, an extra claims that a new cast feud has entered the chat and it involves Miss Nicole Ari Parker. In the latest episode, the show also casually revealed that Carrie isn’t even Sarah Jessica Parker‘s character’s real name.

PSA, you can marathon all three seasons of Succession and catch up on And Just Like That on Binge.