EXQUISE ME: Last Night’s And Just Like That Revealed That Carrie Isn’t Even Our Gal’s Real Name

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We’re up to episode four of And Just Like That, ladies and gents, and it was a bloody doozy of an ep, lemme tell ya.

With each episode that passes, we learn something new about what the gals have been up to since they left our screens, but I didn’t expect to learn something that we should have known all along: that Carrie is not our hero’s real name.

In last night’s ep, Carrie returns home to her iconique brownstone apartment (the one that the marketing legends at BINGE set up on Pitt Street Mall, Sydney this week) after years of living with Big in that lush pad.

While Carrie is staying at her old apartment, tapping into her former self and going through the paces of her old routines, she finds herself at a bodega that she used to frequent back in the day for coffee.

The owner is super excited to see Carrie and he greets her as ‘Caroline,’ which he repeatedly calls her during her visit, so surely this isn’t just a nickname, it sounds like Carrie is the nickname.

Carrie Bradshaw is actually… Caroline Bradshaw?

Turns out I wasn’t the only one who was stunned by this revelation as And Just Like That fans have taken to Twitter to share their surprise.


I’ve literally spent the entire night trying to cast my mind back to Sex and the City and even that cute but cursed spinoff The Carrie Diaries to try and remember if we ever once heard a mention of Caroline.

I feel like there would’ve even been scenes where we see documents and mail with her name on it and all she was ever referred to was ‘Carrie.’

This has been one of the show’s best kept secrets, I gotta tell ya.

But like, was it Caroline from day dot and they only just found a way to slip it in (???), or was this a fresh invention? I have so many bloody questions!!!

Anywho, the first four episodes of And Just Like That are now streaming on BINGE and Foxtel, if ya need some holiday bingeing material.