Ali Oetjen, Bless Her Heart, Misread Her Watch And Thought She’d Travelled Through Time & Space

The Bachelor stars have gone on to do some wonderful things after their respective seasons ended. Abbie Chatfield is now a judge on The Masked Singer. Bella Varelis has launched a successful influencer career. And apparently Ali Oetjen has developed super powers.

The reality star shared a snap to Instagram boasting about how quickly she managed to travel from one location to the next.

She legit thought she’d developed the power of teleportation (or orbing, for the Charmed girlies).

Oetjen shared a pic of her watch to her Instagram Story, which indicated that she had travelled 1.3km at a speed of 40.5km.

“This has absolutely tripped my mind!” she captioned the pic.

“Driving in the car from the gym to the beach, I was imagining transporting my cells and heart from the gym to the beach instead of driving.

“I know that it sounds weird, but I believe we are so powerful!!!”

Credit: Instagram / Ali Oetjen.

She continued, “Then I switched my watch on to ‘walking’ as I got out of the car at the beach. I was one minute in and it’s said I’d walked 40km! I literally did it, and transported myself and cells 40kms!!!


Clearly what’s happened here is that she’s misread her watch as it indicates that her distance was 1.34km, and not 40km as she claimed.

I’m assuming she got confused by the number 40.5km per hour, which you can clearly see under the word “speed”. She probably confused the system by literally driving her car because no human could move at 40km per hr.

Honestly bless her heart and soul for being so… childlike, for want of a better word.

Stay this sweet forever Ali. Don’t ever change.

Ali Oetjen starred in the very first season of The Bachelor Australia way back in 2013 here she failed to win Tim Robards‘ heart, but she certainly won over audiences with her charm.

She later became the 2018 lead in the The Bachelorette Australia.

She also starred in SAS Australia where she discussed her devastating split from Taite Radley who won her season of Bachie before fucking her over.

Hence why I love that she’s out here finding joy in the little things in life (whether it’s BS or not).

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