Abbie Chatfield has clapped back at an article written in The Advertiser that wrongfully suggested she had come out as gay. The same story was also written by a number of other Australian publications.

Speaking on her Instagram stories on Thursday, Abbie clarified to her followers that she never said she is “gay” but is very openly “bi.”

The article in question came to this conclusion because of a conversation on Abbie’s most recent It’s A Lot podcast episode called ‘The Mid-Pussy-Eating-Am-I-Gay Moment with Peach PRC‘. In the ep, Abbie spoke candidly with TikTok star Peach about music, mental health, stripping, sexuality and kinks.

Listening to the podcast, it’s pretty clear that the conversation was more broadly about sexuality and not about Abbie actually coming out. In fact, she said in the podcast that she’s been open about her being bi for a while now.

For both women realising they were bi wasn’t just something they always knew. In fact, it’s something that they are still trying to understand about themselves now.

“Every gay person I knew, or bi person, was like ‘yeah I always knew. I’ve known it since I was little.” Peach told Abbie.

“I don’t remember knowing from a young age that I liked girls.” she added.

Peach thought that “maybe I’m just faking it, or maybe it’s not real.”

Abbie also said she had a similar thought process where she didn’t really come out as bi until she went on Clementine Ford‘s podcast.

“I thought that as well. Even until like last year I didn’t say that I was bi (even though I’d slept with girls),” Abbie said.

“I’d eaten pussy and I was like I’m so straight.

“I didn’t [come out] until I was on Clementine Ford’s podcast and she was like ‘are you bi?’ and I didn’t want to say that I was bi, because it was making myself be part of the LGBTI community without being actually part of it.”

Peach agreed that while she does like women, she didn’t want to be co-opting a movement when she has mostly dated men. Which unfortunately isn’t uncommon for bi-women to think.

It was a really interesting convo, which you can listen to here. But was it a conversation about Abbie coming out as gay? Absolutely not.