Abbie Chatfield Shared A Moving Post About Having To Put Down Her Gorgeous Rescue Pup Marco

UPDATE — June 10 2022: Abbie Chatfield has shared the incredibly sad news that she and Konrad Bień-Stephen have had to put down their beautiful rescue pup Marco.

Abbie shared the news on her Instagram, explaining Marco had developed an infection. Previously Marco — an 11-year-old cocker spaniel — had been diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy.

In her post, Abbie explained Marco had an infection so severe that he almost went in to septic shock.

“Hello friends and fans of Marco. We have had to make the very difficult decision to put Marco down,” Abbie Chatfield said.

She explained she was travelling home to Sydney to say a proper goodbye to Marco, who the couple nicknamed “Prince”. A truly deserved nickname.

“We are absolutely devastated, but so happy that we got to have such a beauty Prince in our lives,” she continued. 

“We love him more than anything. Please have roast chicken for Marco.” 

Abbie and Konrad adopted Marco from the Animal Welfare League NSW. They’ve been really vocal about the importance of adopting senior dogs. When Marco was first diagnosed with cancer, Abbie spoke about how happy he made her.

What a good, good boy. So please give your pups a big old hunk of roast chicken and a huge pat in Marco’s memory.

And if you’re thinking of getting a pet anytime soon, there are so many wonderful senior dogs just waiting to find the perfect home.

ORIGINAL — May 10 2022

Abbie Chatfield has shared some sad news on her Insta story. Her gorgeous pup Marco, an 11-year-old cocker spaniel that she adopted with hottie bf Konrad Bień-Stephen, has been diagnosed with cancer.

According to a series of stories she posted late last night, Marco was having his teeth cleaned when the vet spotted something unusual on his mouth.

Tonight, Abbie and Konrad updated Marco’s anxious fans on his condition via Marco’s own Instagram page, and things are a little more optimistic than they first thought.

Turns out Marco still has “naughty cancer, but it hasn’t spread as much as we initially thought.”

Apparently what the vet found on Marco’s lil nose was “just bacterial.”

The diagnosis was a surprise for Abbie and Konrad, who’ve only been Marco’s mum and dad since March.

“He literally runs around, tail’s always wagging…It wasn’t like he was acting weird,” said Abbie.

Despite Marco’s diagnosis, Abbie has encouraged her audience to still consider adopting senior dogs.

“I don’t want anyone to see this story and feel like they can’t adopt a senior dog. Because I’m so glad that we got to take him out of the shelter,” she said tearfully.

“He gets to have roast chicken every day until he passes away…He’s not been alone for even, like, a minute.”

“I don’t want anyone to not adopt a senior dog because they’re scared this’ll happen…because he made me so much happier,” she added.

The RSPCA backs up Abbie’s message.

“A senior pet is likely to be a little slower and a lot calmer [than a puppy], with plenty of wisdom and life experience hidden behind those grey hairs and whiskers.”

OK now I’m really crying. If you’re thinking about getting a dog, please consider the whiskery old pups at the shelter. They need loving homes too!