CONTENT WARNING: This article discusses online abuse.

Queen Of The Jungle Abbie Chatfield told Fitzy & Wippa this morning that she’s literally moving house due to ongoing death threats, and frankly, it’s fucked that she feels she has to do that.

Abbie has been cyberbullied and threatened online since she was the runner-up – and dared to express sexual desire! – on The Bachelor in 2019.

And while she’s been able to show her true self to the public via social media, her podcast, It’s A Lot, and her recent winning turn on I’m A Celeb, it apparently hasn’t stopped the waves of sometimes frightening hate mail. 

Today, when Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald asked if anyone had slid into her DMs since I’m A Celeb, Abbie said her message were actually full of “women being like ‘yass!’ or like ‘die!'”

“I get literal death threats,” she explained.

The worst, she said, was when a man sent her a voice note saying, “If I ever see you, I’ll strangle you to death.”

Abbie Chatfield shared that deeply disturbing voice note, along with a series of other examples of trolling, to Instagram in June last year.

“Fuck this. Fuck these people,” Abbie wrote on Instagram at the time, adding that she had hundreds of examples saved in a Google Drive.

“Fuck you if you’ve ever messaged anyone something even close to this. This is why people commit suicide after being catapulted into the spotlight by a TV show.”

“This isn’t a joke,” she wrote. “This isn’t fucking funny and This isn’t fair. I shouldn’t be falling asleep worried someone will break into my apartment and strangle me.”

On Fitzy and Wippa this morning, Abbie continued: “I live alone and I was papped outside the house that morning  so I knew that people knew where I lived. I live in Brisbane and it was very obvious where I lived.”

She told Fitzy, Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli and Sarah McGilvray that when she went to the cops, “they said they can’t do anything unless I’m physically hurt.”

She added: “So until I’m dead. But it’s all good, I’m moving.”

Abbie also said that the cops advised her just to block the man threatening her.

“I was like, ‘But then there’s no trail’… If I block them we can’t find them again. It’s a fake account. So I just keep them there on restricted and they message me every so often saying how they want me to die.”

It’s horrifying that Abbie is still subjected to this kind of language and behaviour almost two years after she was sexually confident on a dating show. It’s disgusting. Please leave Abbie in her new house alone.

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