4 Highly-Valued Certifications To Knock Over During Iso To Give Your Resume A Cheeky Lil’ Boost

There’s not much work going around at the moment. If you’re studying, chances are classes are online now, too.

Whatever the reason, heaps of Aussies are finding they have more free time than ever as we all begrudgingly wait out this pandemic.

But just because everything’s closed and you can’t leave the house, doesn’t mean you can’t still level-up in iso and come out at the other end decked out with a bunch of new qualifications.

Here’s a list of certifications you can apply for minutes, and then complete from the comfort of your own home during iso. These could totally open up a bunch of awesome opportunities when the world returns to normal once again, or at the very least give your CV a bit of an edge.

1. Working With Children Check

There are so many fun jobs that involve kids, and some of these jobs are among the lucky few which haven’t been wiped out at the moment.

Ever thought about being an after school care educator? You’d get paid to play games with kids all arvo. Maybe you want to flex your uni knowledge by tutoring young students. And if you want to coach a sports team, you’ll need a working with children check too.

A working with children check opens up doors to these jobs and many more. The process is so simple that you can apply without getting out of bed.

In NSW and Victoria, just fill our your details online and then confirm you identity at a government service centre or post office later on. In Queensland, the whole process can be done online!

In a couple of weeks you’ll get an email or letter confirming you’re approved to work with children. It’s that easy – you just have to fill out some forms.

A working with children check costs around $100 depending on the state, but you can get it for free if you only need it for a volunteer position. And anyone who’s worked in after school care will tell you the cash is definitely decent.

2. RSA Training

An RSA is something almost everyone looking for hospo work needs. If you don’t have one yet, now’s the time. That way, you won’t be caught out when bars and restaurants reopen when the pandemic’s over.

Working in a bar is enough of a reason to get a RSA. But the certification is so much more useful than just for bartender jobs.

You’ll need one of these suckers to work in pretty much any licenced premise, including: licenced restaurants, clubs and of course bottle shops. Even some fast food joints are serving drinks, so this key really does open a bunch of doors.

In the past, only a few states allowed online RSA training. This has now changed. NSW has just introduced online classes for RSA courses, while Victoria is also allowing lessons to be delivered via video chat due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Courses cost from around $20 (Qld) to around $120 (NSW) and can usually be completed within a couple of hours. It’s not rocket science, so there’s no need to stress about failing.

They’re the perfect thing to pass the time during iso, and an invaluable asset when job hunting.

3. St John’s First Aid Training

First aid is that life skill that separates the heroes from the bystanders. I say this as a bystander.

Being able to take charge during a medical emergency can quite literally be the difference between life and death, so first aid courses are super worthwhile, not just for job hunting, but for your own benefit.

While first aid courses are typically conducted in person and in groups, St. John’s Ambulance provides online courses which can be easily completed from the comfort of your iso cocoon.

There’s the standard introduction to first aid as well as a course just focusing on defibrillation awareness. 

But perhaps the most relevant course during these times of worldwide pandemic is the online workplace infection control course, which focuses on hygiene and how to minimise the spread of infection in the workplace.

Everyone’s going to come out of iso as a total hygiene know-it-all, but with these courses you will literally have the qualifications to back this up.

4. Food Safety Courses

Food safety is so important. While it might seem like common sense at home, in the workplace people too often forget to take basic precautions when dealing with food.

The truth is, your encyclopedic knowledge of every Kitchen Nightmares fuckup (complete with Gordon Ramsay screaming your internal monologue) counts for fuck all and putting it on your resume is a sure-fire way for it to end up in the bin.

Instead, do a food safety course. While this kind of training is by no means essential to apply for hospo and other food-related jobs, it’s still a huge help and a productive way to get through iso. In all states, they can be completed online in just a few hours.

Any employer in hospo will want to be sure you follow basic food hygiene standards. With this certification, your resume will speak for itself.

Do the course, get the certificate and get that job. Besides, this info is actually pretty valuable in your everyday life anyway.