New (Unsurprising) Stats Confirm We’ve All Become A Bunch Of TikTokers During Iso Period

Whether it be due to boredom, peer pressure or a newfound quest to go viral, it’s no secret that we’ve all jumped on TikTok throughout this isolation period.

Well, now we have some blessed stats to back up our suspicions. Recent data collected by Hootsuite and We Are Social has revealed that we’re using the absolute shit out of TikTok.

In their global mobile app rankings, comparing apps based on their respective monthly users, TikTok placed an impressive #6 in April.

‘Tok was beaten by the giants: Instagram (#5), WeChat (#4), Facebook Messenger (#3), WhatsApp (#2) and, of course, Facebook (#1). Not a bad bunch of apps to be up against, hey? Big leagues, indeed.

TikTok recently surpassed 2 billion downloads, subsequently becoming the most downloaded app in 2020, as reported by app analytics company Sensor Tower.

“While the app was already popular and backed by a large user acquisition campaign, TikTok’s latest surge comes amid the global COVID-19 pandemic,” the report states, “which has seen consumers drawn to their mobile devices more than ever as they look for new ways to shop, work, and connect with others.”

So there you have it – we’ve officially a bunch of TikTokers.

Alexa, play “Savage” followed by “Lottery (Renegade)” followed “Say So”. It’s time to dance.