Learning is life-long baby. I could really end this whole article there, but I’ll expand.

Once you’ve worked your way through high schools, and then a lot of us also through tertiary education, there’s a sense of huge relief. Or maybe freedom is a better word. Either way, there’s very little motivation to ever go back again.


Yet there are some very good reasons why you should always be open to it.

In the first scenario, imagine you’ve completed your studies in one career. You get a job, you give it a go, you try a few different areas of it – and you hate. It’s just 100% not what you want.

Some people are inclined to just lump in and deal with their choices, but that is ridiculous. You’re never too old to go back to your studies and swap into a completely new career. Just maybe try out a little volunteering in your new area first to make sure you enjoy it.

Now imagine that you do love your first career choice. You keep up it for a few years, enjoying every moment. You’ve learned so much on the job, asking the right questions and seeking new opportunities.

Now you’re ready to take the next step, but you keep getting looked over for a promotion. Yeah, there’s a tertiary education course for that. Identify the areas that are weakening your candidacy and upskill, upskill, upskill. Maybe you need to add more managerial skills? Or you need more knowledge of a different sector.


Whatever it is, it’d be silly not to put in the work to give yourself a leg-up. Especially now so many courses are online and can be flexible around your work schedule.

Besides, learning should be exciting. It’s different to school where you had to learn things just because you had to learn them. Once you’re into tertiary areas, you get to pick what interests and benefits you.

So go learn something, mates.

Image: The Hangover