Here Are The Dishes Aussies Are Getting Delivered In Isolation & Jeez, How’re Ya Guts Going?

Even though staying at home a bunch more has meant that people are getting real hands-on in the kitchen, we’re also ordering a bunch more iso food delivered to our doorsteps. Delivery apps have started dishing out the data on what we’re ordering and when, and it seems like the isolation life has us really reaching back to simpler times. And also yearning for more sweet treats, which is not surprising in the slightest.

But one dish has stood out head and shoulders above the rest for the last couple of months while we’re all at home, and that’s fish and chips.

iso food delivered
No Boris, this is chaotic evil energy.

Yep, the old wrapped-in-newspaper-and-served-with-lemon classic. Big ol’ hunk of battered fish and some chips that are coated in so much chicken salt they’re an alarming shade of yellow. Looks like you’ve all been searching for the best catch because Deliveroo has clocked in a massive 597% rise in people looking up their local.

But why fish and chips as the iso food we want delivered? Why not something like a big bowl of pasta, or a stack of pizzy? Maybe a serve from the local chippery is the perfect balance of comfort food and childhood nostalgia, taking us out of the confines of our houses and back to better times by the ocean. Maybe we really miss fending off hungry seagulls and feeling the ocean spray stick to your skin and clothes.

For me, a wrapped up parcel of fish and chips with some potato cakes and calamari rings reminds me of being a kid and getting lunch with my family after a swim at the beach. The old fish and chips might be something we’ve probably nicked from the Brits, but it feels like a quintessential holiday treat dinner when the ‘rents can’t be fucked to cook. There are two dishes that fall into that category; fish and chips, and a hot roast chook with fresh rolls and coleslaw.

Don’t think that pizzy has been forgotten though, the numbers have been crunched and we’re still searching pizza, Thai food and sushi like mad, with those three topping out the most-searched categories.

Apart from the classic feeds, Aussies’ other go-to delivery app, Uber Eats, has clocked that a lot of people are using delivery apps to do speedy grocery shops from home – 100% for essentials you’d normally grab from the servo, like milk from the local Caltex – and has also seen a big jump in people hunting for desserts and other sweetie treats.

All that I request of you, is please, for the love of God, eat one (1) green vegetable in isolation. Your guts will thank you for it.