Here Are 5 Ways You Can Prepare Now For This Absolute Rollercoaster Of A Job Market

Job hunting is tough, but it’s now even more difficult due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. An estimated one million people have lost their jobs and some workplaces are shutting down. You might be questioning if now is even the time to look for a job (in which case, here’s a bunch of industries / workplaces hiring right now). And for those of you worried about finding new work (or any kind of work) when all this is over, here’s five ways you can prepare for the changing job market.

1. Customise your resume

Leonie Stanfield, a careers advisor with 30+ years experience, revealed that CVs need to be “evidence-based”. In other words, you need to show your job achievements and their results. This shows future employers that you did a job well and that you are capable of whatever is thrown at you. It’s also worth customising your resume to suit each job you are applying for, as every job has its own set of requirements and qualities.

2. Build on your networking skills

Have a LinkedIn profile and rarely use it? Now is the time to be more active on the platform and use it as a way to reach out to people who may assist you with your job search. Glassdoor suggests that you “tap into your networks that might include friends, professional mentors, and old colleagues to see if they know anyone hiring or organisations with open roles”. Other recommendations on how to build your networking skills include joining online groups, making new connections or even renewing old ones.

3. Register to a free online course

There are plenty of free online courses you can take in the comfort of your own couch, offered by a range of platforms. TAFE NSW will provide 21 short online courses to Aussies who want to gain skills in administration, digital impact, health and medicine, leadership and business. Coursera and Udemy are also offering plenty of free online courses to help broaden your skill set.

4. Research your sector

When you’re ready to start (or resume) looking for a job again, it’s highly recommended that you understand “the good, the bad, and the ugly” of your sector. You can do this by finding and watching videos of on the job work and talking to people already working in the field. This is especially useful if you are just entering the job market and want to know what it would be like working in your preferred industry.

5. Consider other employment options

If the industry you work in is under threat due to COVID-19, it may be best to consider other employment options for the time being. Amelia Green-Vamos, career trends expert at Glassdoor, told LifeHacker Australia that “many of your skills may be transferrable not only to other roles, but to various industries as well”. This demonstrates to future employers that you are adaptable in times of adversity, which will ultimately liken your chances of getting the job you want. Green-Vamos said that “the grit and resourcefulness to find temporary work demonstrates your work ethic, so don’t hide it”.

If you’re looking for a new job right now, there are many paid positions currently being advertised on the Pedestrian JOBS board, which you can check out here.