December 27th. Good for but a few things: Tucking into a thumping big sandwich of Christmas Day leftovers, and realising that the major supermarkets have already begun stocking the shelves with Hot Cross Buns.

That’s right folks, the delicious fruit bun with a little bit of Jesus on top have once again re-appeared on supermarket shelves across the nation. Both Woolworths and Coles have the baked treats on the shelves in select locations across the country, meaning now’s the time to go get some shoved squarely into your bleary-eyed post-Christmas faces.

While in years past the arrival has been bafflingly met with brow-furrowing, tut-tutting, and more than a little bit of pearl clutching, we here at PEDESTRIAN.TV will always stand firmly in the corner of flavour, and thus welcome the annual festive arrival of the extremely delicious bakery treats that should be available all damned year round.

That enthusiasm for Hot Cross Buns – the good fruity baps – is being matched by hungry punters across the nation.

Both supermarket chains have confirmed that a select handful of stores have gotten a head-start on the national rollout of Hot Cross Buns, which happens annually to meet consumer demand.

Woolies confirmed via a spokesperson that their national rollout is planned for January 2nd this year, with some in-store bakers simply using the time beforehand to get a little practice in.

We know many of our customers love getting delicious hot cross buns as soon as they can and we see high demand immediately when they hit our shelves — with 10 million hot cross buns sold just in January last year.

Some of our in store bakers have simply been perfecting their wares ahead of the official in store launch next week.

We are proud to share that customers can officially look forward to freshly baked hot cross buns in all Woolworths stores nationwide, with a brand new variety this year, from January 2.

Meanwhile Coles’ customers are gonna have to wait one whole day for their tasty warm buns, with their national rollout scheduled for January 3rd.

Hot cross buns are a clear customer favourite so we’re excited to offer six delicious varieties across our stores from early January.

Coles customers can choose from Traditional, made with 100 per cent Australian fruit (regular or mini sized), Fruit Free, Chocolate, Apple and Cinnamon or Gluten Free.

‘Course there might be a few of you inexplicably flummoxed about this, because the buns are appearing before we cross over some magical mythical calendar threshold after which it becomes ok to eat a specific bakery item.

But, as with all things, we side with flavour.

Give to me the Hot Cross Buns, give me all of them.

Image: Facebook