Woolies Has Just Dropped Caramilk Hot Cross Buns And Be Still My Beating, Grumbling Stomach

woolworths caramilk hot cross buns

It’s happening. Oh my God, it’s happening. Woolworths is rolling out a limited edition Caramilk flavoured hot cross bun.

Starting today and for a limited time only, Woolies is selling a four-pack of Caramilk Indulgent Hot Cross Buns for a cheeky $4.50. That’s right, hot cross buns that are full of that unique caramel chocolate pizzaz.

And folks, fellas, mates, just take a look at these hi-res pics. My tongue is salivating, my mouth is wide open and my stomach is grumbling like Big Foot if someone woke him up from a dream about this.

Damn, Harold and the boys are eating good tonight.

woolworths caramilk hot cross bun
Source: Dallas Kilponen/Woolworths
Source: Dallas Kilponen/Woolworths
Source: Dallas Kilponen/Woolworths

The new Caramilk flavour will be joined by another new concoction that would probably put a smile on Remy the rat: a pack of buttery brioche hot cross buns filled with Cadbury Milk Chocolate. Yum-TF-o, if I do say so myself.

Look, I know what you’re thinking. How are hot cross buns already popping up on supermarket shelves when it’s still December. But, dear fellow connoisseur of taste, shut up and give these goodies a taste.

According to one user on Twitter, Coles is also selling a savoury hot cross bun filled with Vegemite and shavings of parmesan cheese.

People are pretty fkn livid over that flavour online – check out some tweets from the locals below.

Personally, I’m not sure how I feel about a non-sweet and fruitless hot cross bun. I guess you and I will just have to try it for ourselves.

Anyway, and for those heathens who don’t enjoy God’s new snacks of choice, the traditional range of hot cross buns is also available. I’m talking, fruitless, fruit, and mini-sized classics, along with hot cross buns stuffed with Cadbury Milk Chocolate, and ones coated with apple and cinnamon and made with 100% Australian sourced Pink Lady apples.

Happy pre-mature Easter to my belly.