White Claw Is Dropping Three New Juicy Flavours Just In Time For The Sweaty El Niño Season

White Claw Hard Seltzers Drop Three new Flavours In Time For El Nino

ICYMI: La Niña is out and El Niño is in, so things are about to get hot and sticky around these parts. To help ease the stress of the incoming heat, why not cool yourself down with a light, fizzy bevvy — in this case our fave hoon juice, White Claw, which has come out swinging with a new variety pack.

Do you ever go to the bottle-o and stand in front of the fluorescent lights for ages because there are so many delicious options? Well you can kiss indecisiveness goodbye, because this White Claw pack has a bunch of flavours suited for everyone in the group chat.

The new variety pack is almost reminiscent of an adult tropical fruit salad. Yummy yummy.

It includes an exotic Passion Fruit, crisp and zingy Lemon, sweet and sharp Strawberry and tart Pineapple. Passion Fruit, Strawberry and Lemon are also new additions to the White Claw line.

Looking back at that flavour list, it’s almost like a fizzy alcoholic pavlova.

Strawberry, Lemon and Passion Fruit will be exclusive to this new pack, so if ya wanna try them ya gotta buy the new White Claw variety bundle.

Source: Supplied / TwoPalms Australia

Even if you’re not feeling those three new arrivals, White Claw has a plethora of other zesty flavours including Grapefruit, Lime, Mango, Watermelon, Orange, Blackberry — basically anything in the fruit section, they’ve got it in alcoholic fizzy-can form.

White Claw’s new fruity variety pack will include 10 cans, which is perfect to share with your friends and family, or even as a bribe to borrow your neighbour’s pool during this sweaty season.

The White Claw Variety Pack No.2 will be launching in Australian stores on March 29 and will set ya back $62. It might be a bit exxy BUT it’s worth it to keep ya cool and refreshed throughout the El Niño period.