Slap On Yr Fave Hawaiian Shirt Bc White Claw Is Launching A Limited Edition Pineapple Flavour

White Claw pineapple

Summer is on its wet little way even if ya wouldn’t know it from the weather, and in fitting fashion White Claw has launched a brand new seltzer flavour. Rejoice, you can now make like Sharpay Evans and sip by the pool.

Yes my dear fizzy friends, you’ll soon be able to slurp down a delicious pineapple flavoured White Claw.

Is there any better, more summer-y flavour than pineapple? That delicious tingle on the tastebuds? Why, that’s the taste of sun, of heat, of sand (not literally), of long days spent being incredibly sweaty.

Good lord, it’s been a very long winter.

The new Claw will land on September 26 and I simply could not be more ready to take a sip of the beveragino to end all beveraginos.

Now of course, I’m left questioning how pineapple will stack up to other White Claw flavours.

There’s the juicy and delectable watermelon, the crisp and classy natural lime, the sharp and bitey ruby grapefruit and the soft and sensual mango. I am intrigued — nay compelled — at the thought of a pineapple addition to the family.

As per usual, die-hard White Claw fans will be going off their chops at the new flavour and might be sitting outside Dan Murphy’s come September 26.

But with the new flavour launching in bottle-Os all around Australia, you’ll be sure to get your greasy mits on at last one pack of four (RRP $24).