The mercury might be dropping outside but the summer of seltzer is charging on, because there’s a new White Claw flavour on the way and it’s the best one of the lot. After wetting our whistles for the last six months, the iconic Black Cherry flavour is hitting Aussie stores later this month.

Yep, the flav favoured by our American hoon juice counterparts is finally, finally, coming to Australian stores at the end of April, which is great news for me because it’s 100% my favourite one out of the lot.

We’ve been blessed to have the mango (yum), pink grapefruit (not bad) and lime (decent) flavours keeping us well sauced for the last few months, but the entrance of Black Cherry (delicious, perfect) with its balance of sweet and tart cherry taste is a gamechanger. This is the one I’ve been waiting for, and now it’s coming.

white claw black cherry limited edition

Sure, it might only be a limited edition inclusion – which I’m trying not to think about – but if I can’t get myself over to the US to happily sip on the best White Claw of them all, then it simply must be brought to me. Such is the law. The law of the Claw.

Landing on shelves from April 28, the Black Cherry flavour will be the same price as the existing flavours, coming in at $23.99 for a four-pack. The skinny tins are gonna be up for grabs until they’re all sold out, so once they’re gone, they’re gone, and if you need me I’ll be salvaging my last can until they return again.

But, to celebrate the arrival of the superior Black Cherry flavour, White Claw is dropping vending machines chock-full of the good spicy water in three bars across Australia. Keen beans will be able to get an early taste of the new yummy fizzer on April 24, with machines stocked with 100 tins (like a self-serve seltzer station) at Harbord Hotel in Sydney, X-Cargo in Brissy, and The Garden Leederville in Perth. You’ll be able to grab a can from 1pm until they’re all slurped up, so pencil it in and swing in for a spicy tin.

Am I jealous there isn’t one of these self-serve seltzie spots popping up in Melbourne? You bet your sweet fizzy ass I am. Guess I’ll just go pester my local grog shop until they get it in, then.

Image: Supplied