White Claw Surge Is Hitting Aus Next Month & It’s The Hoon Juice’s Bigger, Boozier Brother

white claw surge new product selzter australia

White Claw — the delicious, beloved hoon juice — is getting a bit of a glow up ahead of seltzer season. Not only are we getting two new flavours but White Claw Surge, the boozier big brother of the bubbly bev, is coming Down Under.

The new seltzer has an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 6.5 per cent — a bit of a step up from the 4.5 per cent originals — and comes in the most popular flavours in the US: blood orange and blackberry. There ain’t no laws when you’re drinking Claws, even more so with these turbo sippy drinks.

Australia is the first place outside of the US where you can buy the new White Claw range. Considering it’s been two whole years since we were first introduced to the cult fave hoon juice, it only feels right that we get to celebrate with more White Claws.

The new range will be landing in grog shops around the country from November 14, just in time for the weather to warm up and the quench-needing thirst to strike.

There’s really nothing like knocking back a few crisp seltzy bois on a summer’s day. So these two new additions are sure to be gladly accepted into eskies, fridges and coolers around the traps.

The White Claw Surge range will join the existing Claw family in Australia including mango, natural lime, watermelon, ruby grapefruit and the recently-revealed pineapple. Feels like blood orange and blackberry fit in nicely with the existing lineup. Now all they have to do is bring black cherry back to me and I’ll be truly happy.

A four-pack of the new 6.5 per cent Claws will set you back $30. It might sound a bit pricey but honestly, you wouldn’t need more than a four-pack to wet your whistle on a balmy summer’s night.