A Bristol councillor made quite the hungry discovery last week after opening his trusty to can of Heinz baked beans to reveal not three, not two, but one sole bean. It’s just happy to be there, to be honest.

“Hi @HeinzUK,” Councillor Steve Smith took to Twitter, “I enjoy “bean juice” as much as the next person, but when I opened a can this evening I was hoping for more than one bean.”

Speaking to The Independent, Smith elaborated: “I got back late from a residents’ meeting and wanted some food. I poured out the tin and I found one bean. I thought it was funny – but annoying. It was the last tin we had in the cupboard.”

The last dreaded tin in the cupboard?

“I had to have scrambled egg instead.”

Heinz UK’s Twitter account responded: “Hi Steve, sorry to see this, please DM us your details and codes from underneath the can, thanks”

Justice for Steve. May he receive a lifetime’s supply of the toot-producing goods.

Image: Twitter / @SteveSmith98