All praise be to the Sunday session: a glorious thumbing of the nose at the impending working week that takes until at least Wednesday to fully recover from. As anyone who’s knocked the top off a few classics on the Lord’s Day will know, the only thing better than a Sunday sip is a Bottomless Sunday sip. And boy howdy, if you’re in Melbourne you might want to lock in the GPS coords to your nearest Huxtaburger, because they are getting the hell in.

Starting this week, Huxtaburger is running a Bottomless Sunday bonanza that’ll go down every week until mid-September, where not only will the wings, fries, and gravy be flowing freely in whatever quantity your quivering heart desires, but so too will the booze. The glorious, dizzying, accidental-sick-day-Monday inducing booze.

Even better still, it’s all very, very reasonably priced. Almost dangerously so, tbh.

The Bottomless Sunday sessions run for 90 minutes at a time with seatings available between 11am and 4pm, which is more than enough time to get you at least halfway towards tying one the hell on.

For $35 per person – that’s it, that’s all, my god – you get endless wings, chips, gravy, and booze including Batch & Co Spritz, Furphy, Republic Shiraz, and everyone’s favourite Mum juice, ye olde Savvy B.

If you’re fanging for a burg you’ll have to fork out a little extra, but a mountain of chippies, a tonne of wings, a burg, and a skinful of tins for under $50 is as good a deal as you’re likely to see nowadays.

The promotion is being run across all Huxtaburger’s Melbourne locations – that’s Collingwood, the CBD, Hawthorn, Prahran, Eastland, and Footscray – until September 15th.

Remember, every weekend can be a long weekend if you just believe.

Image: Facebook / Huxtaburger