Tins Of Vegemite Baked Beans Have Dropped & I’m Toot Tooting To The Shops To Find ’Em RN

vegemite baked beans new release

Delicious news for those of us who enjoy a good bean, two of arguably the best comfort breakfast foods has been put together into one tin at last: Vegemite and baked beans.

SPC — the team who makes arguably the best tinned baked beans in that gluggy tomato sauce — has teamed up with the Vegemite gang to create a breakfast bean so deeply Australian it feels criminal it hasn’t been done before.

Think about it, the sweet tomatoey taste of the baked beans would be balanced out so well with the sharp saltiness of Vegemite. It’s like a match made in breakfast heaven, tinned and ready to be gently simmered and dribbled over crunchy, hot and buttered toast.

I can literally nearly smell it. My saliva glands are going off their bloody clackers at the thought.

This Aussie mashup has just landed in the tinned veggies/beans aisle of your local shops and will set you back a very neat $1.70 for a single tin or $5 for a four pack. I know I definitely lived on baked beans for a bit when I was a broke uni student but God damn it would have been a luxury to have Vegemite beans.

Imagine the taste sensation you could get for under five bucks with a loaf of cheap bread, a tin of thos beans and a stick of home brand butter. My word. You’d feel like the king of the cheap meals world.

Now if you need me I’ll be hunting down a few tins of these Vegemite baked beans to make myself the ultimate cheesy Vegemitey baked bean jaffle, stat. I need that in and around my life immediately.