Does Your Dad Pass The ‘Beanchdel Test’?

Inspired by the Bean Dad saga of two days ago, ‘people’ (and I use that term loosely because I include myself) are messaging their dads and asking how they would fair in the great can opener saga of 2021.

If you somehow missed it, musician and podcaster John Roderick was dubbed ‘Bean Dad‘ after his Twitter thread about forcing his eight-year-old daughter to spend six hours figuring out how to use a can opener to open a can of beans went viral. And if you did miss it, then yes: it really is that stupid.

The thread itself was a moronic example of the worst of Twitter, and it inspired endless discourse on what is and is not child abuse. Then, Roderick’s old racist tweets were found, so he nuked his entire account. One day later, issued a mea culpa almost as long as his original thread, which confirmed suspicions that he exaggerated the entire thing for internet points in the first place.

Anyway! I digress.

People began putting their own dads to the bean test, or as author Caroline Moss called it when she started the trend, the Beanchdel Test.

Text your dad, ask him how he would have faired, and post the results online. Simple!

So of course I did it, and I’m pleased to say my dad passed with flying colours.

When he called me later to ask what was going on, he elaborated that there was no way an eight-year-old wouldn’t be able to look up a can opening tutorial on YouTube. I said he was very smart, and also didn’t understand just how stupid this Bean Dad situation was.

Lots of other people also put their dads to the Bean Dad test.

What a wholesome way to bring your family and stupid internet drama together. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming of wasting the best years of our life screaming at someone’s tweets from 2013.