Bottomless meat and cheese platters? What could possibly go wrong? Ha well you haven’t met my gut yet.

But for those with an iron stomach, or those who are willing to put it all on the line for a bit of liverwurst, boy have I got a treat for you. The Bavarian‘s  Sydney stores are slinging all-you-can-eat meat and cheese boards for the whole of Jan.

The bottomless feast will set you back a piddly $25, but you’ll need to be with a mate to score the deal. Unfortunately, that means you can’t just sit your single-ass down and drown your sorrows in a bit of leg ham. That’s what late night trips to the fridge are for anyway.

Each bottomless sesh lasts for 90 minutes and on the menu will be an assortment of: German cheeses, Prager ham, Schinkenspek, Lyoner, Berliner, Liverworst, pretzels and gherkins served with Kühne mustard and remoulade.

Once everything is finished, you’ll get a top up.

You could also pair the feast with a 1L beer and really say goodbye to your gut-health for good. And if it’s a Sunday you could also opt for one of Bavarian’s $20 cocktail jug specials and say goodbye to your hand-eye coordination.

These boards are also a perfect way to get out of putting together your own charcuterie board, which seem to get progressively more complicated as time goes on.

Charcuterie Christmas chalet anyone? Yeah over my dead body. I’ll stick to a block of Mersey Valley and some water crackers, thanks.

Head over to The Bavarian website to book your meaty session.