People Are Making Christmas Charcuterie Chalets Which Is Just Fancy Talk For Yum Meat House

charcuterie chalet christmas meat house

Gingerbread houses. They’re honestly just not built for the Aussie Christmas climate. Many a year I’ve gotten all razzed up to construct a gingey bread house for Chrimmo only to have the roof slide off and it all falls apart because it’s too fucken HOT for the icing to set and keep it structurally sound. But now there’s a workaround. Friends, may I present to you, the charcuterie chalet.

Before you ask – yes that’s just a fancy-ass name for ‘yum yum meat house’.

Coming to my attention from Delicious, people have taken the unhinged decorating fever of the holiday season further into the snack table, transforming the humble cheese and meats grazing board into a full-blown house of meats and cheeses.

It’s genius. I’m sorry I thought I was like “no this is gross” but it’s some real brain genius levels of food prep.

Look at it! It’s adorable. It’s almost too cute to even be eaten.

And that snow? That’s grated parmesan. I’m in awe of this charcuterie chalet – sorry, tiny yum yum meat house.

This one has even gone and made little trees and a wreath out of broccoli. It’s so god damn CUTE I can’t STAND IT.

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This person clearly just said “fuck it” to building their little house with crackers or biscuits, and just constructed the entire thing with twiggy sticks. A good option if you’re low carb this year, I guess. Or you just wanna hoof down a heap of salami sticks.

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It’s very obvious that these charcuterie chalets are something straight from a 70s dinner party cookbook – an era of food that was just utter chaos from start to finish. I’m gonna have to be on board with this one because at least they haven’t gone and set savoury shit into gelatine, which is a party food trend that I never ever want to return. Way too cursed for comfort.

Look there’s not much more I can tell you about these tiny yum meat houses, so I’m just gonna show you all my faves. Maybe you’ll get some solid inspo for this year’s silly season, however you are celebrating.

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I don’t even eat meat and I want to hoof these into my face. That’s how adorable they are.