Sydney Aquarium Is Running Bottomless Boozy Art Classes & We’re Primed For A Splish-Splash

If you’ve been feeling a bit parched over the last few months, dehydrated of both social interaction and getting on the wines with your mates, then the after-hours art activities at Sydney Aquarium might just be the right thing for you. Fancy yourself a bit of a fan of the Splash Zone and an artisté to boot, you’ll wanna wrangle your mates in for the new bottomless booze paint & sip classes deep within the big blue of the aquarium.

The new after-hours private classes from the Cork & Canvas and Sydney Aquarium collab will have you painting the creatures of the deep while you have a three-hour splishy splash sesh with wines, beers, and soft drinks.

Alongside the two hours of creating your underwater masterpiece at Turtle Island, you’ll also be treated to a bounty of snacks to nibble on while your creative juices swim freely from your brush to the canvas.

We all know that wetness is the essence of moisture, and moisture is the essence of beauty, so surely necking a glass of wine and slicking some acrylic paint on a canvas in an underwater pop-up studio is going to produce an absolute masterpiece, right? That’s how it works and I simply refuse to hear otherwise.

The whole private sesh package at Sydney SEA LIFE Aquarium runs for three hours in total, including a couple of self-guided tours where you can explore the whole aquarium without anyone else disrupting you. Isn’t that the dream, especially now that going to any kind of public attraction feels like it’d be an exercise in personal space and a mild panic attack? Give me the keys to the big fish pools, I wanna go in alone.

A seat in the creation station set you back $130 per person, and there are only a couple of sessions left on the site to lock into – so hit up your group chat and get the gang keen for a bit of a tipple and topcoat.