This Godly Macca’s ‘Hack’ Called The McBassett Is Going Viral Right Now And Omfg I Want Ten

McDonald's Hack Macca's McBassett Trend TikTok

There’s something about the words “delicious new McDonald’s hack” that really evokes a special feeling inside. I mean, truly, you could dim the lights and say those four words slowly and I’d be a very happy camper indeed. Luckily those words are true once more, thanks to an impossibly delicious and hella viral Korean trend.

Introducing the McBassett, the absolutely mouth-watering new trend that’s going viral atm thanks to an Aussie TikTok account.

The McBassett is pretty famous over in Korea and Malaysia, and was birthed at the start of 2021. So really, we’re late to the party. However, thanks to TikTok user Adrian (@adrianwidjy), the trend is starting to pop off in Australia too.

“So I saw that this is going viral in Korea and Malaysia and it’s called the McBassett, I thought I’d give it a go,” Adrian says in the video.

“Basically it’s an iced latte with soft-serve dunked in it and it’s so good, and the visuals are so *chefs kiss*”


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So you’re telling me all I need is an iced latte from Macca’s and a soft-serve ice cream? The ultimate form of deliciousness is really that simple to attain?

Brb, gonna go grab one of these bad boys while the soft-serve machine still works.

Now, you may be wondering why the hell this viral snack trend is called the McBassett of all things, instead of something like the McYummo or the McFuckYes.

Well, in South Korea there’s a popular cafe chain that has become renowned for its unique ice cream lattes. That chain is called Paul Bassett, which may give you an idea of where this is heading.

Basically, nobody there wanted to spend ₩6,300 (AU$7.35) on a cool looking coffee when they began to realise that there’s a much cheaper alternative that can use Macca’s menu items.

Thus, the McBassett in all its glory was born. If you ask me, the pics of this perfecto treat look a lot more aesthetic than the Bassett coffees, but hey, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Now I’m gonna yeet on out of here and fetch myself a McBassett. My tum craves yum and I know just what it needs (this).