Officially, there’s no such thing as the Macca’s secret menu. The company denies that there are items which can only be ordered on the dl, and Ronald McDonald himself will come into your home and smother you in your sleep if you dare utter a word otherwise.

But the truth will set us free.

Whether these so-called ‘secret items’ are just Frankensteined versions of your favourite menu items, or whether they’re company-endorsed items which happen to fly well below the radar, here are all the Macca’s secret menu items you need to know.

As explained by one American Redditor in one of the most definitive pieces of literature on the subject:

There is no ‘secret menu’, really. What these are, are ‘menu hacks’, combinations which aren’t on the menu, but are possible with the ingredients found around, some more ingenious than others.

What matters is if the manager on-duty will actually let you do these things. It’s a crapshoot, sometimes you’ll get lucky, sometimes you won’t.

Obviously, your mileage may vary depending on which store you’re at. Now godspeed.

The Big Brekkie Burger

Does the Big Brekkie Burger really count as a secret? It’s not exactly clear, because it’s an officially sanctioned menu item according to McDonald’s own website.

The point is that it’s almost never listed on menus in-store or even on the apps. You literally have to go up to the counter and utter those three magic words yourself.

In return, you’re treated to a beef patty, bacon, an egg, a hashbrown an a slice of cheese, all between two warm buns. For just $$6.95 it’s a literal bargain, and thanks to all-day breakfast, it’s sometimes possible to order it in the evening, too.

The Monster Mac

This is a delicious abomination that’s bound to make a whole bloody mess.

The Monster Mac is what you get when you order a Big Mac and then add six more beef patties, because why the fuck not.

Macca’s beef patties aren’t huge and they’re super moreish, so a few extra hunks of meat are just the thing to flesh it out. Maybe that was a bad choice of words.

The McBrunch Burger

This is pretty similar to the Big Brekkie Burger, except for the fact that’s it’s extremely illegal (by virtue of not being an official menu item) and a bit smaller.

Simply order a double cheeseburger at the self-service checkout and add a egg.

Voila – you’ve got yourself a baconless fast-food take on the classic bacon and egg roll.

The McBassett

This Macca’s delicacy was invented in South Korea and went viral in 2021.

It’s literally just a soft serve dunked inside an iced late which changes the temperature and consistency to take on thickshake characteristics. Yum.

In total it’ll set you back just under $5, which is a pretty decent deal.


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The Land, Sea and Air Burger

This one looks, sounds and probably tastes revolting. But unfortunately it’s very real, and is even attested to in the authoritative McDonald’s Wiki and, uhh, ““.

Just as the name implies, the Land, Sea and Air burger contains one or two patties each from the Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish, and McChicken.

Delish on their own, an abomination when combined. Please do not order this.

Image: Getty Images / Nick Laham