Apparently Those Insanely Juicy Oranges Going Viral On TikTok Aren’t Really Oranges After All

juicy oranges tiktok viral debunked

A TikTok user has explained the juicy tea (juice?) behind those viral TikToks of farmers slicing and squeezing oranges that are so plump they make your mouth water. You know the ones. Apparently, there’s a lot of ripe goss about these videos that we don’t know about so let’s take a big gulp of it. Fair warning: this might make the viral videos seem a little less delicious.

If you haven’t seen these videos before, please sit back, enjoy this offering and try not to drool on yourself.


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Honestly, how does one orange have so much juice? It blows my damn mind.

TikToker Amy Ang (@amyy.ang) whipped the rug out from under the mouth-watering videos on her out account this week with the first squeeze of info. The whole account is stolen content.


it’s $86 sgd for 4 by the way LOL

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“Basically this entire video is stolen from Douyin which is basically the China version of TikTok,” she said.

Apparently ripping videos from Douyin (TikTok’s platform in China) and posting them on international TikTok is really common. Now that these juicy fruit videos have taken off in the Western world, the stolen content trend is picking up steam.

The orange itself is directly translated to “Ehime Jelly Orange” and it’s actually a hybrid of an orange and a tangerine.

“But according to one of the users that I follow … it tastes more like a tangerine than an orange,” Amy said.

Not only does it not taste like an actual orange, but apparently these juicy bois don’t taste very good at all. Amy said they can be quite sour sometimes and it depends on which farm you buy from. Usually, you’ll get a sweeter and better quality fruit if you pay top dollar.

For what it’s worth, these hybrid oranges go for around $90 for a 5kg pack online. Good lord.


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Amy also addressed the white powder covering the oranges that feature in all these TikToks that make my salvia glands go off their clackers.

In my heart of hearts, I really wanted it to be a thick coating of powdered sugar but that (sadly) isn’t the case.


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“If you google ‘white powder on orange’ you get ‘white calcium carbonate on orange trees to protect from the sun’,” she said.

“Apparently it’s a really common thing to do … it prevents sun damage to fruits and veggies.”

So it’s essentially sunscreen for fruit and vegetables and not a delicious dusting of powdered sugar. Whatever it is, it makes those hybrid oranges look so goddamn tasty.

Well, there you have it, my fellow drooling TikTok friends. I guess we can’t believe everything we see online. Who knew!