McDonald’s In China Have Introduced An Oreo X Spam Burger, And I Am Definitely Not Lovin’ It

In some truly horrifying news, McDonald’s China are apparently introducing an Oreo x Spam burger that will be available in stores as of today.

It is currently unclear whether this is a hoax or not, but all signs point to it being real…very, very real.

First spotted by Daniel Ahmad (who posted the find on Twitter), this abomination has now gone viral because quite frankly, it’s repulsive.

Ahmad discovered the burger on Weibo, which is like China’s version of Twitter. It seems pretty legit, and now I must simply know what Oreo and Spam taste like.

I don’t think I’ve ever tasted Spam, or even know what it is. But a quick google search has told me that it’s canned pork, that is spiced?? Whatever it is, it looks gross.

People in the replies are equally horrified, although some couldn’t help but point out that Americans are also notorious for gross food combos. If anything this is a yank-made atrocity. First of all, McDonald’s comes from the US and so do Oreos and Spam. So technically this your fault, America.

The other question that I need answered is what is that white stuff? (Don’t you dare say: “That’s what she said”). But seriously, what is it? Could it be like an Oreo cream? or worse, mayo.

I don’t know about you, but something about unnecessary mayo on things makes me want to crawl into a hole and die. I just don’t trust it.

The world is a terrifying place, and I truly hate it here.