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Let’s be honest. You’ve mastered bread making, creating pasta chips in an air fryer, DIY sweet and sour sauce and even the most heavenly of snacks — tiny lil’ chocolate toasties, but are you even in the midst of a global pandemic if you haven’t tried making your very own bubble tea??

Yes, your deep love of tapioca balls in milky or fruity tea is now available for you to create, sip and suck from your very own kitchen… or bedroom (I’m not judging).

Boba Barista has launched a brand-new DIY Bubble Tea Kit which delivers Australia-wide. Each fancy pack consists of your choice of teabag, flavoured syrup, optional fructose (to make it extra sweet) and the piece de resistance — pearls.

The best thing is, you can bulk up on your faves and choose your serving size. There are three options available starting at $19.95, which equals to approximately $3 per tea. Winner, winner!

bubble tea kit
Premium Milk Bubble Tea Kit. $19.95.

If you’re not sure whether you’re in the mood for milk or fruit tea, make like Old El Paso and just have both. The bubble tea recipe lords offer 19 different flavours including premium milk tea, thai milk, mango, passionfruit, lychee, honeydew, matcha, coconut milk and my forever favourite (and love of my life) green apple fruit tea.

Once you’ve chosen your flavour/s, you need to add the toppings including classic tapioca pearls, popping pearls and fruit jelly. Personally, I’m most excited about creating the perfect tea in my own time, rather than frantically yelling out my order with a queue of thirsty people behind me. They’ve also got a variety of bubble tea recipes on their site too, if you’re looking to get advanced and fancy things up.

Boba Barista Pearls.

This refreshing beverage can also be made to drink hot or cold or if you like what I like, dropping it to a temp of minus 30 degrees with tons of ice.

Oh, and one last thing. It’s 2021 people, so out with the single-use plastic and straws and in with your very own bubble shaker and sieve, a re-usable cup and re-usable bamboo straws which can all be purchased from the online store. Nemo will thank you.

bubble tea recipes
Reusable Bubble Tea Cup Set. $19.95.

This truly is the DIY kit that has saved 2021 and you can order yours here.

Image: Mean Girls / Boba Barista