Bubble Tea Club Will Deliver These Delicious DIY Boba To Your Door If You’re Missing The Tea

If you’re absolutely thirsting for the tea while in isolation – and this time I mean like actual tea, not gossip – get your best chunky straw ready because a new club has started. A tea club. A bubble tea club. Finally, I can get my boba fix. It’s been months.

For those of us who go absolutely ham for those squishy little tapioca balls in milky cold tea, you can now get a range of the delicious little sippers delivered right to your door with the Bubble Tea Club and its new DIY-at-home boba packs.

It looks like it works quite similarly to the actual process of ordering a bubble tea at the shops. First, you choose your tea base and flavour and then add in the bits. Like jelly, boba, red bean paste, and pearls. You know, the bits.

You can choose however much you want from a 5-pack of teas up to a 40-pack for those who simply want to replace all the water in their bodies with tea. Or, if you’re an absolute hardcore stan for the chewy boba, you can get a year’s worth of bubble tea stuff to keep that shit on-hand for 365 days. It’ll just set you back a sneaky $800, no worries.

Bubble Tea Club also does a monthly flavour, which goes for a bit cheaper than the standard packs, if you want to

Absolutely hell yes I want those lychee popping pearls right now. Do you think they’d just sell me a tub of them so I can eat them straight up?

It looks like Bubble Tea Club ships right across Australia as well, so this one isn’t restricted to just the cities, where boba shops usually are. If you pull together an order over $59, you cop free shipping too, otherwise, it’s a flat rate of $9.95 per order.