Prepare Thine Tummies, Japanese Soufflé Pancakes Are Softly Landing In Aus Real Soon

It’s right on that time of day when you’re really craving something sweet, so here’s something that will either whet your cravings or make everything a million times worse: illegally-fluffy Japanese-style soufflé pancakes by Kumokumo are coming to Australia soon. Like real soon.

[jwplayer EozzJfLp]

Swinging into the various Night Noodle Markets around the country, to begin with, Kumokumo’s hyper-grammable, thick-ass pancakes will show up in Sydney and Melbourne in October and November, and then Brisbane and Perth next year, before eventually finding themselves in brick and mortar shops in Syd and Melb in the future.

If you’ve never heard of soufflé pancakes – I’m so excited for you – they’re made with a kind of an egg-white meringue base, before being folded back in with the egg yolks, and then simple ingredients of milk, flour and sugar.

The end result is a pancake so thick you could either use it as an ergonomic pillow or wedge it under a wobbly barstool at the pub.

Look at those bloody things, they’re like a stack of English muffins.

Kumokumo pairs its fluffy soufflé pancakes with Japanese soft cream, which is essentially soft serve ice cream, a delicious little topping treat that has a fuller and richer flavour than your Mr Whippy ice creams, because it’s made with fresh ingredients, including fresh cream with a 10% milk fat, which is higher than other soft-serve ice creams.

For now, Kumokumo plans to plate up sweet pancakes – original with whipped butter and Jarrah honey, tiramisu with espresso cream, Kahlua, and mascarpone, Uji matcha with red bean paste, creme brulee with custard, cassonate sugar, and berry compote, and a black sugar boba with cream, black sugar, and boba.

As for the soft cream, you can cop a cone of chocolate, oolong, Uji matcha, or my favourite: milk.

soufflé pancakes

Kumokumo soufflé pancakes hit Sydney Night Noodle Markets on October 11-18, Melbourne Night Noodle Markets on November 7-24, and Brisbane and Perth in 2020.