Attention my favourite fast-food loving fucks, Macca’s is about to unleash an unholy duo of desserts for your carb-craving soul, and both of them are crème brûlée adjacent for some faux fanciness.

Sydney-based FoodToker Adrian Widjonarko (@adrianwidjy) dropped the mouth-watering news on Tuesday, revealing that two new, limited edition devilish desserts would be available at select Macca’s stores from Thursday onwards.

The first one is a crème brûlée pie, which is like Macca’s classic apple pie but with two different fillings: custard and caramel.

Oh Lord, imagine the crunch of the pastry, the slightly salty deep-fry oil that was probably also used with fries, the custard, the caramel oozing… this is NSFW.

The second dessert is a McFlurry, but instead of the usual toppings, Macca’s iconic soft serve is accompanied by smashed up crème brûlée pie pieces and a generous drizzle of caramel sauce.


This is too good! Its coming this Thursday at select @mcdonaldsau! It’s Crème Brûlée Pie! & McFlurry! #placesinsydney #mcflurry #maccas #mcdonalds

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I can’t believe this is coming out just days after Valentine’s Day — sorry but this would have been ideal comfort food for the galentine’s day movie nights I know y’all were having!!

Back to the crème brûlée, food blogger Adrian managed to get his hands on the desserts early, and he reckons they are freakin’ amazing. But in is opinion, the pie is better. Fair enough, I can imagine the warmth of the pie melting the soft serve into a yucky puddle.

“With the two desserts I prefer the pie itself because I am just a huge fan of the pie,” he told

“However in saying that, the McFlurry has extra caramel on top of the broken pies, so that’s a great addition of flavour to my McFlurry.

“Definitely eat it slowly to avoid burning your mouth like I did, because I was too eager!”

Both the desserts are available at select Macca’s stores from Thursday. We’re not sure which specific stores, but Adrian found the treaties at his local Macca’s in Haberfield in Sydney’s west.