Macca’s Unleashed A Fairy Bread McFlurry & It’s Making Us Wanna Go Buck Wild On The Playground

birthday mcflurry fairy bread macca's

In news that’s sure to make you more psyched up than a kid at a birthday party who’s somehow managed to inhale half a bag of lollies and gotten into the LA Ice in the esky, a brand new McFlurry flavour is hitting Macca’s real soon – and it’s inspired by the best treats at a birthday ‘do.

Macca’s revealed the Birthday McFlurry on Tuesday morning, whipping together all the greatest parts of the snack table at a party – cake and fairy bread. I’m just gonna put it out there, this is probably the best limited edition McFlurry that Macca’s has unleashed unto our guts.

macca's mcdonald's birthday mcflurry
[Image: Supplied]
The Birthday McFlurry includes chunks of the cult fave Custard Pie smooshed into creamy soft serve ice cream, which is then drizzled in caramel sauce and topped off with sprinkles. It really does look like fairy bread and cake in ice cream, and is slingshotting me straight back to the elite Macca’s birthday parties of years past.

Truly nothing like loading up on sugar and just going absolute batshit wild in the playground, I tell ya what.

And for those wondering, this absolutely does mean the Custard Pie is back again for another red hot minute alongside the new Birthday McFlurry to help celebrate 50 years of Macca’s in Australia.

“Our new McFlurry flavour was inspired by iconic Aussie birthday party favourites including birthday cake and fairy bread,” Amanda Nakad from Macca’s marketing team said.

“We will also be reintroducing a much-loved and highly requested crowd favourite, the Custard Pie, giving Aussies even more reason to celebrate our 50-year milestone.”

The limited edition desserts will be popping up on Uber Eats from June 30 for a week, and then punters who want to have their sprinkled cake and eat it too will be able to grab ’em from Macca’s stores from July 7.

Apparently there’s more stuff to come between now and the end of August to mark the 50th birthday, so we’ll keep you updated on anything delicious on the horizon – or if Macca’s decides to bring back the greatest treat of all: the minty Shrek Shake.