Kombucha. It’s absolutely become one of the biggest bevvies over the last couple of years, and we’ve slowly started to see boozy versions of the gut-friendly drink showing up in grog shops. Well it’s now taken another step into the sesh, because kombucha beer is a very real thing that exists.

Sure, we’re all just ignoring the fact that kombucha is made from a big slimy living culture called a scoby (which kinda looks like a blobfish, and I love them dearly), but hey nobody wants to know how the sausage is made, right?

The Sneaky Bucha is a brand new range of funky brews birthed from a collaboration between Kombucha Brewing Co and Stone & Wood, and includes a new twist on the classic Froth Whitlam.

Arriving into grog shop beer fridges (and keen eskies as the weather heats up), the Sneaky Bucha comes in three varieties of tinnies – a lager, a summer wheat beer and an extra pale ale (XPA), and apparently has like 25% less carbs than normal full-strength beers.

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Now I haven’t had a chance to wrap my laughing gear around this kombucha beer yet – believe me, I will – but apparently, these bucha beers have the same energy as a humble shandy. Which, for those who are blissfully unaware, is a half-beer, half-lemonade situation favoured highly by the crusted-on blokes at country pubs.

If you haven’t had the absolute pleasure of watching an old boy order a ‘coupla shandies’ at the pub, then my friend you are missing out.

So if you wanna knock back a few precious bevingtons while keeping your guts pretty happy in all respects, you can pick up a four-pack (or a slab, if you’re keen) of these new ‘buch beers from your local BWS, Dan Murphy’s and independent bottle shops.

Cheers to that, I reckon.

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