Unpopular opinion: lollies are not for adults. Lollies are for children’s party bags or long family roadtrips. Lollies are for people whose palate has not evolved since the age of six. Grow up and buy a cheeseboard.

But despite that ~fact~, Natural Confectionery Co. reckons there’s a market for lollies with a more adult sensibility, so they’ve dropped a range of kombucha-flavoured jellies.

Yep, this way you can get a sugar fix and a prebiotic boost to your gut health. Who needs to guzzle bottles of the ‘buch or get their own scoby in order to brew at home when you can just pop jelly lollies in your mouth and be done with it? It’s the new lolly frontier.

The new lollies – available in Strawberry Hibiscus, Ginger Peach and Kombucha Original flavours – have liquid centres and literally contain prebiotic fibre to feed your gut bacteria. They also contain kombucha extract and 25% less sugar than other jelly lollies, according to the brand.

Natural Confectionery Co.'s kombucha-flavoured lollies

Image: Natural Confectionery Co.

National Confectionery Co.’s Marketing Director Paul Chatfield says they’re the first of their kind to hit Australia. “We noticed Aussies embracing the Kombucha trend and couldn’t resist creating a fun and unique recipe for everyone to enjoy,” he said.

The new lollies will be available at Woolies for $4 a pack from the end of the month.

I mean I probably won’t be eating them, in that I already consume kombucha via an IV bag hooked directly into my veins in a misguided attempt to stay healthy/shit regularly, but I predict they will be extremely popular for anyone who doesn’t like the actual brew.

Here’s hoping that by adopting these lollies into our routines we’ll be totally changed and healthy and love running now:

Once you pop one ‘buch chewie you will never be the same again.