This New Women’s Weekly Bday Cake Book Feat. Allen’s Lollies Screams Yum Yum Lockdown Project

AWW allen's birthday cake book

For those of us who have exhausted just about everything we can make, bake and decorate in all this home time, a new challenger approaches: a re-vamped version of the iconic Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake book thanks to the sweeties over at Allen’s.

Our nostalgia for beloved birthdays past has gotten a bit more sugary sweet, because the new version of the Aussie kids party birthday cake gospel is filled to the brim with lollies. A bit like a party bag from that one kid whose parents always buy the top-shelf lunchbox shit – there’s always one.

The new Party Cake Book has landed to celebrate Allen’s 130th birthday – honestly no better way to celebrate a milestone bday than with bulk cake – and there’s 30 different cakes that you can bake (or hack your way to deliciousness.)

allen's womens weekly birthday cake book

Who else fondly remembers begging their parents to bake them the coveted Train Cake, which usually resulted in the adults staying up all hours to bake cakes to carve into the shape of a fucking train with little carriages? Surely not just me, right?

Well the new Party Cake Book shows you how to make your own damn Train Cake, using a few cheeky little shortcuts so you don’t wind up losing your mind trying to cut a perfect cylinder for the bloody chimney.

“Like Allen’s lollies, the AWW Cake Book has been a staple of many childhoods,” said Nestlé’s Head of Marketing, Joyce Tan.

“So we know this partnership between two iconic party-loving brands will spark the imaginations of Aussies to create new delicious and delightful cakes for any celebration, with a fun Allen’s twist.”

You can get your sticky mitts on a copy of the reimagined Party Cake Book from your local Coles from today (September 1st) until stocks last, and you can score a free copy if you pick up three packets of Allen’s lollies or Bakers Choice products.

Fingers crossed they’ve done a new version of that duck cake that always turns out cursed no matter how hard you try.