PSA: OAK-Flavoured Allen’s Milk Bottles Are Set To Turn Up In The Lolly Aisle Next Month

Two very sweet Aussie treats have hooked up and birthed a new range of lollies that might actually turn me around on the humble milk bottle, one of the only lollies I don’t really like. Allen’s is reportedly gonna drop a cheeky range of OAK-inspired gummy lollies that definitely look like the milkman.

There’s no doubt about it this time. There’s no denying that these little lolly babies are 100% the child of a carton of OAK milk and the classic lollymaker.

That’s right, as reported by Delicious, Allen’s milk bottle lollies will soon come in a range of OAK-inspired flavours, including strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla malt, and the deliciously creamy iced coffee. Maybe if your guts can’t handle a carton of choccy milk anymore, this could be your next best bet.

Now we’ve already seen the other side of this unholy reunion with Allen’s lollies-flavoured milk cartons, exploring the flavours of Fantails (yum), Peppermint Crisps (hmm), and Pineapples (oh…no), so it’s absolutely only fair we get to meet and eat the other siblings in the family.

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These new younger babies from OAK and Allen’s are apparently popping up in your local lolly aisle from late August, so don’t go rushing out the door just yet. But when they do, they’re set to be about $2 a bag, which is wildly easy to work into your grocery budget.

Keep an eye on the sweeties aisle, and wish me luck when I eventually try these OAK milk bottles to see if they change my mind.