SWEET: You Can DIY Your Ultimate Party Mix At Allen’s New Pop-Up Lolly Bar

Man, 2016’s been a been of a dud, right? What a ruddy stressful year. 
The good folk at ALLEN’S have recognised this, and being in the business of sugar, they know that it is simple scientific fact that lollies actually cure the horrible condition called, ‘Christ how is it November already? This year was a bite shite and jesus FUCK I just realised haven’t even started Christmas shopping‘-itis. 
(Lollies are also fabulous treatment for a number of other conditions, including:
  • My best friend is pregnant and now my aunties will spend all Christmas Day asking me when I’ll pop one out’ -itis.
  • Ha ha I’ve had 3 months to do this assignment and now its 2am the night before it’s due and I’m just starting it‘ -itis.
  • ‘Please make the Christmas carols stop, I now fear for my life and sanity’-itis.)
So, to aid us through this remarkably stressful time, ALLEN’S have decided to help out with a pop-up lolly bar. UH HUH. 
The pop-up, which will be happening at Westfield Sydney, will allow you, a lowly mortal, to have omniscient power over what goes into your next Party Mix bag. 
That’s goddamn correct – rather than having the lollies you don’t really like that much left in the bag at the end of your Party Mix, you can now CHOOSE YOUR OWN. 
The process is pretty fkn cool. It’s like the Apple Computers of candy. Like if Steve Jobs designed a pick ‘n’ mix bar:
Using iPad kiosks at the ALLEN’S Lolly Bar, customers will select up to eight lollies to include in their perfect mix. They can then choose the name and label design to go on their jar. ALLEN’S Lolly Bar ambassadors will send a text when jars are ready for collection; so customers are free to keep shopping!
Plus, not only do you get to create a Party Mix that is all Extremely Good™ and nothing Average™ or Sucky™, you also get access to insane Limited Edition ALLEN’S lollies that have either never been released, or they’re a fave that got tragically discontinued
Prepare to lose your ever-loving SHIT for these Limited Edition fancies:
  • ALLEN’S Funny Teeth in four flavours: crisp apple-mint, fruity berry-mint, summery pineapple-mint or the original vanilla-mint.
  • ALLEN’S Aussie Mix, a pack that includes the Harbour Bridge, kangaroo, koala, Aussie map and boomerang shaped lollies.
  • ALLEN’S Choc & Creams: a new twist on the classic ALLEN’S Strawberries & Cream, soft chocolate jelly on top of that vanilla base. 
  • ALLEN’S Choc-Coated Bananas and Raspberries: the truly iconic banana lollies and raspberry lollies…  but covered in chocolate.
And you’ll see the return of Spearmint Leaves and Green Frogsboth of which we mourned the tragic loss of in 2015.
There’s also a v special team-up with Foodora going on –  if you’re in the Sydney CBD or particular surrounding suburbs (Surry Hills, Woollahra, Paddington, Potts Point and Darlinghurst) you can order one of these insane bespoke lolly jars – and if you’re one of the first 200, it’ll be delivered to you… for free. 
Here’s all ya essential deets:

WHERE Westfield Sydney, Level 2 (behind Zara)
WHEN 29 November – 24 December 2016
COST Personalised Pick and Mix Jars (2L jar) $30, Limited Edition bags (150g) $6 – $8
Happy Not-Really-That-Hungry Games… and may the Red Frogs be ever in your favour. 
Source: Supplied. 
Photo: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.