Allen’s Has Revived God-Tier Spearmint Leaves And Chucked ‘Em Back In The Lolly Aisle

In a good day for lolly justice and the restoration of balance in the sweeties aisle, Allen’s has announced it’ll be returning sacred and perfect Spearmint Leaves to shops really soon. Finally, respect is being paid to the best lolly in the wider Allen’s family.

You know the ones, green, chewy, shaped like a leaf, smacks you round the head with a strong, sweet mint flavour. They mysteriously disappeared from shelves a whole five years ago, which left me bloody heartbroken, and it wasn’t until Allen’s brought them back in for a very short time at its pop-up store did the confectionary kings realise how loved they are.

Of course they are, they’re the best lolly. How could you hate the humble Spearmint Leaf? A god-tier sweet treat that I will defend to the ends of the Earth and also absolutely smash an entire bag in one sitting if left to my own devices and nobody stops me.

(Love u, missed u.)

It’s such good news, and God knows we’re absolutely fanging for any scrap of good news at the moment. A morsel, a little crumb of information to make us smile and have a sliver of hope for the future. That the sun will come out tomorrow and it too will be green, and leaf-shaped, and taste of fresh, sweet mint.

Ok, the important stuff, the bags of these bad minty boys can be found in the lolly aisle of your local Coles from, well, right now. They should be there today. A bag of Spearmint Leaves will set you back a tight $2.95.  I’m not sure if they’re back for a hot minute or for good but either way, I am making space in my weekly budget for delicious treats (at least three bags of spearmint leaves.)

What a day, what a vital piece of wonderful news. This has made my month even better, and I don’t even know what month it is anymore.