One thing that I’ve noticed over the slump of the holiday break was the sudden trend of people doing “what thing of this specific other thing are you??” in their Instagram stories. It’s reminiscent of the classic teen magazine quiz, but for the year 2020. And I believe that we have reached a peak WHAT ____ ARE YOU? filter. It’s happened quickly, but by God, it’s good. Because it’s Aussie Snacks.

For me, the filters began with Very Tired Souls in the gooch of the year (that space between Xmas and NYE) rolling the proverbial dice to see what Pokémon they are. And now you can do it for just about everything. From the literal “what job will you have?” to “what star sign do you love?” and “what character from this very niche-but-beloved thing” through to the more abstract “what’s your 2020 lookin’ like?”

But the Aussie Snacks one from Sydney illustrator, designer, and writer (woof, triple threat over here) Ruby PH has just tickled me to no end. It’s so cute! It’s making me wanna eat a bunch of lollies for lunch. I wanna do it over and over until I get the one that I want, where is clearly the adorable little Minties.

aussie snacks instagram
The only good and true result.

Not only is it cute (!) and relatable (!!) but it’s also absolutely reminded me of some long-forgotten essential snaccs like Wagon Wheels, Jumpys, Mamee Noodles, Vegemite Snackabouts, and strawberry Nesquik (!!!)

Though the little filter is totally free to use, Ruby’s encouraging folks to donate to the Rural Fire Service and other bushfire relief initiatives and fundraisers through their work on Instagram.

aussie snacks instagram filter
Round two, sure, why not.

So if you wanna know what kind of snacc you are – and absolutely lord it over your mates when you land on the ultimate one (M&M Mini Yogo mix) – when you can peep it over on Ruby’s instagram. Find ’em on @irlrubyph.

Also, I’m so sorry if you get the worst one, Bertie Beetle. There’s simply no hope for you anymore.