The Latest Kombucha Flavour From Iconic Aussie Brewers Is Yr Summer Go-To

There’s no denying that kombucha has transformed from the weird-smelling drink that your hippy aunt brews in the back of her pantry to a genuine challenger to the humble soft drink in the fridge at the shops. Also unlike fizzy drinks, you can also be like your weird aunt from Mullimbimby and brew your own kombucha from a starter culture.

Anyway if you don’t have the time/energy/cupboard space to brew a bunch of ‘buch at home, lucky for you there’s a whole bloody smorgasbord of the Good Gut Drink out there to choose from, but our new fave is the latest drop from Remedy, a delightfully fruity peach flavour.

Peach is actually a pretty good fruit to use for a nice kombucha – it’s tart and crisp, which melds well with the natural flavours of unflavoured kombucha, and if you get a peach that’s just off that sweet spot of ripeness then hoo boy it’s zesty enough that it’ll wake you up more than a triple shot espresso.

You can pick up a bottle of this sweet n’ sour treat from your local 7/11, which will probably be a bit of a godsend for everyone currently sweating their asses off in Sydney today.

And if you want to zhooj up your ‘buchie, it’s actually a really fab base for a spritzy cocktail as well as using soda for a bit of tongue-tingling flavour. So there’s an idea if you’re wanting to get your mates on the kombucha bandwagon.