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I’m one of those people who legit drinks a kombucha nearly every morning, so please excuse my absolute lateness when I exclaim in shock: EXCUSE ME, YOU CAN GO TO AN ACTUAL GROGGY BUCHA BREWERY.

Ok, sorry, calming down.


You know where the old Stone & Wood brewery was on Boronia Place in Byron Bay? In an Aussie first, it’s now The Bucha Shed – an alcoholic kombucha brewery and taproom for The Bucha Of Byron Bay‘s new line: The Dirty Bucha.

I admit, it’s absolutely not new. I am very unhip and behind the times, seeing as it’s been open since November last year. Just deal with it, though, because I only just had my first sip of the two flavours and I can’t be the only one newly shook by this revelation?

Not going to lie, I was doubtful. I loved the idea of a kombucha drink that also had grog – thereby knocking out the drinking and recovery with one stone. The problem was I’ve had kombucha cocktails before and they weren’t as great as I’d hoped. However, being the type of person who never gives up on a good buzz, I still gave them a go and I’m bloody glad I did tbh.


There are currently two flavours you can nab outside the brewery – Premium Vodka & Tropical and Botanical Gin & Lemon Myrtle. Both are super refreshing, imo, but lemon myrtle stole my heart.

You’d best believe I’m planning to drop by The Bucha Shed on my next Byron visit though (come on, we know we all do this regularly). It’s open for tours and tastings of up to 12 people on Fridays and Saturdays from midday to 6pm. Outside of those hours just send them a cheeky request and they’ll open up for you.

On tap will be both Dirty Bucha flavours, as well as their non-boozy options and rotating experimental flavours. Or get really exciting and try the kombucha plus beer combo being dubbed a Sneaky Bucha.

Sign my little hipster heart right up, mates.

Image: The Bucha Shed