Flavour Connoisseurs Tracked Down KFC’s Secret $6 Kentucky Snack Pack So Here’s How To Unlock it

RIP to my coronary arteries because the ultimate lord of grease, KFC, has brought back its famed Kentucky Snack Pack. The only catch is that it needs to be ordered via the secret menu. Delicious AND mysterious? Count me in.

Since January 24, Aussies have been able to purchase the delectable abomination known as the Kentucky Snack Pack from KFC’s mobile app.

In a spate of inspired #journalism, I downloaded the app to make sure everything was above board.

After a somewhat exhaustive process, I now know how to access the KFC secret menu in 2023 if you’re also keen to line your stomach in nuggety goodness.

First up you’ll need to download the KFC – Order On The Go app.

Then, click on the menu icon at the bottom of the screen.

Once there, swipe your finger from the top to the bottom of the screen and make sure to hold your finger down at the bottom.

Slowly but surely, a red Colonel Sanders should appear.

When he does, click through the prompts to access the forbidden goodies.

See the below TikTok for a visual explainer.


KFC secret menu new update #kfc #fyp

♬ Japan – Hensonn & Bearded Legend

Once you’ve reached the secret menu, you’ll see three new items for your perusal.

These are the aforementioned Kentucky Snack Pack, the Triple Stacker Burger, as well as the Zinger Chipster which is exactly what it sounds like.

Now that you also possess this precious knowledge, the rest is up to you.

Godspeed, my children.

Soon after it became gobble-able by the masses, folks on TikTok started sharing their own personal flavour journeys.

The vast majority of these occurred in cars outside the KFC drive-thru but hey, a mukbang’s a mukbang in any location.

The most viral of these was undoubtedly published by creator @darcyomalley, who had two big takeaways from the experience.

The first was that the secret menu Kentucky Snack Pack met expectations in the flavour department.

The second was that it exceeded expectations in the size department… insert shitty joke here.


♬ original sound – Darcy

Now, let’s all make like Darcy and go for a dirty bird car seat session.

Farewell, fellow gluttons.